Extension of Brexit leaves Team Steadman rejoicing (satire)

11 April 2019 -

As a result of an internal vote, with a majority of just 1, the company committed to ordering a double load of the “Get Out of Brexit Free” badges which were to be sent out with all orders from the Ralph Steadman Shop. Despite advice from experts, the order was made. As B-day of 29th March approached the team looked in fear at the pile of badges still left to be sent out to customers, fearing the repercussions of such a mountain of remainering badges.

The news of not 1 but 2 extensions to Brexit, now set for 31st October, was a huge relief for those that had voted to gamble so much on nothing more than a cheap laugh and a frivolous promise. So, please get your orders in at Ralph Steadman Shop  to receive your free badge, while stocks last, as they may actually run out now!!