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24 November 2020 -

These beautiful mugs feature Ralph’s stunning Monarch Butterfly painting from Critical Critters which he created in 2017 with Gonzovationist, Ceri Levy.

“Butterflies look so gentle and delicate,” comments Ceri. “I watch them and wonder how they get through the day without damage.” Well they are actually much hardier than you think and the Monarch Butterfly has to be the kingpin of all butterflies as it migrates from Canada to Mexico every year, which is a distance that can reach up to 4,500 kilometres. These are durable critters…It has become a Near Threatened species due to illegal logging and extreme weather, in particular heavy winds, which
felled many trees in the Monarch’s winter hibernation habitat of the mountain forests in central Mexico.


Mugs featuring Ralph Steadman's Monarch Butterfly from the Critical Critters Collection

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