Oddbins 44 foot Mural

08 February 2019 -

Back in the 1990’s, Ralph Steadman was travelling the vineyards of the world for Oddbins, the wine merchants in order to create artwork for their quarterly catalogues. One of their more unusual request for Ralph was to create a 44ft mural that they could display in their flagship shop in London. So one summer Ralph gamely stood 11 sheets of 8×4 MDF around his garage and set sale on this create adventure. He began by sticking huge, random shapes of old canvas sheeting he had found across the expanse and once dry began in black paint to draw out the shapes and forms. What would emerge, 2 weeks later, was an astonishing piece featuring abstractions reminiscent of wine press, wine glass, grapes and 2 giant feet of which the BFG would be proud.

Having just spent 2 months in Birkenhead at the Williamson Gallery, on display in their Steadman exhibition, the piece (or pieces) is now back at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham and is looking for a new home.

All genuine enquiries to : info@goldmark.com