The Gonzovation Suite

20 May 2019 -

Ceri Levy and Ralph Steadman’s latest collaboration pulls 10 beautiful images from their Triptych of books, Extinct Boids, Nextinction and Critical Critters to create the Gonzovation Suite. Printed by the Goldmark Gallery to celebrate the recent Critical Critters inspired collections by urban, global shoe brand, Vans, these stunning boxsets are an edition of 50.

Including the Extinct poster boy, the Dodo, as well as the 3 toes sloth, the Japanese cranes and the Vaquita, amongst others, the set of prints was unveiled at the launch of the Vans collection in New York at their catalogue experience store on Bowery.

A portion of all sales will be donated to WildAid who are partnering the project. Representatives of WildAid were at the launch in New York and are excited at the start of this new partnership not only with Vans but with Flying Dog Brewery who have created a Gonzovation Beer and Steadman and Levy, the original Gonzovationists.

“Our attention turned to art and this was a no-brainer as Goldmark Gallery is a friend of ours and has previously published a series of prints taken from Critters. The idea to create a set of unique and signed limited edition [50] of 9 prints appealed to all and images from across the trilogy were compiled for the portfolio to highlight the dangers of extinction discovered by some and feared by many. So the Gonzovation Suite was created. 25 of the Suite will be available to European buyers and 25 to the USA at the price of £5,000 or its dollar equivalent.” Ceri Levy, April, 2019.

For sales enquiries please visit, email or call +44 1572 821424.